Service, cleaning preventive maintenance and calibration of your microscope.:

Preventive maintenance per unit fixed rate:

  • Physicians grade microscope service and cleaning (compound) is $45.00/unit.
  • Clinical grade biomedical including phase, pol, teaching, fluorescent, pathology and dissecting microscope service and cleaning is $45.00/unit.
  • Research biomedical microscope service is $150/unit.
  • Metalligraph service is $150/unit
  • E.N.T. microscopes are $150/unit
  • Inverted microscopes such as the Nikon Biophot are $150/unit.
  • Roll or Engraving microscopes are $150/unit.
  • Surgical microscopes are $120/hr.
  • Measuring microscopes or Toolmakers microscopes are $150/unit
  • Centering microscopes are $150/unit.
  • Stereo microscopes (industrial) are $150/unit.
  • Comparators are $150/unit.
  • Gemscopes are $150/unit.
  • Colposcopes are $150/unit.
  • Lensmeters are $100/unit.
  • Radius Gage or Radius Scope are $150/unit.
  • Any optical instrument modified to do specialized tasks can be maintained for about $150/unit.

    Possible solutions for image shift before you call for microscope service.

    Possible solutions for double vision before you call for microscope service.


  • MMI has equipment for modifications associated with compound, stereo, metalligraphic, ENT, inverted, roll, surgical, measuring and centering microscopes etc. Included are comparators, colposcopes etc. This microscope service is $120/hour plus parts and materials.


  • Any calibrations must be started and concluded on the instrument as it is used- this instrument may have an encoded stage or photoelectric micrometers.
  • We can perform magnification calibrations as well. Reticles are considered to be a magnification calibration.
  • The charges for calibrations are usually included in cost of the preventive maintenance.
  • The nature of MMI calibration procedures requires the calibration be performed at your plant on the instrument and must take the synergy of the instrument- its components and the working environment of the instrument into account.
  • Stereo microscopes are the only exception to the in plant calibration requirement. Internal recheck of calibration on stereo microscopes is requested to validate MMI's calibration.
  • The sample size taken for encoders and pems is 6 taken 3 times per axis at 95% confidence. The certification shows the mean, upper and lower limits at 95% confidence along with the original readings (36 total).

    If you are wondering about subjects such as microscopes service Visit Nikon's to Nikon's MicroscopyUThis is a " website, designed to provide an educational forum for all aspects of optical microscopy, digital imaging, and photomicrography. Together with the scientists and programmers at Molecular Expressions, Nikon microscopists and engineers are providing the latest state-of-the-art information in microscope optics and imaging technology including specialized techniques such as fluorescence, differential interference contrast (DIC), phase contrast, reflected light microscopy, and microscopy of living cells. We invite you to explore our website and discover the exciting world of optics and microscopy."... MMI included this description as a direct quote from the site itself because there is no better way to describe and stress the importance of the educational materials in this site. Go there and learn!

    Objective lens rebuilding:

  • MMI will rebuild objectives at our shop.
  • Biomedical objectives are rebuilt the most
  • 40x achromats are $70 ea. plus parts if required and available.
  • 50x thru 100x oil or dry are $70 ea. plus parts if required and available.
  • 40x thru 100x plan achromats are $70 ea. plus parts if required and available.
  • Please call for other types of objectives.
  • If MMI cannot rebuild your objective successfully- we will not charge for the rebuild.

    Part of microscope service is cleaning or rebuilding objectives!


  • MMI will mold, inject, burnout, cast and finish parts at $120 per hour.
  • Metal type is extra.


  • Travel is $22.00/Hr.
  • Lodging is $100.00/night


  • MMI has a labor rate of $120/Hr- This rate is used for major repair or special projects. If I quote you a fixed rate for service- that is the price charged.

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